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Current Projects and Forthcoming Publications of Jeffrey Race
Recently published in the February 2013 issue of WHC Logo
Writing Historical Classics for Dummies [informal title]
in which a reproducible method is explained by which to write
historical classics about controversial topics without upsetting
anyone and without ever being asked to become a Talking Head;

And in a forthcoming issue of Thailand's         
NACC Journal title NACC Journal title
Fighting 'Corruption' with What Really Works:
Lessons from Today and from History
in which is explained the chronic persistence of widespread
corruption despite nominal state commitment to the rule of law
and extensive notionally remedial programs
in which is further explained what has actually worked, and
why coercive programs founded on the economist's calculating-
machine view of man must fail and must continue to fail, and why
what works is the opposite of current programming, which
wastes time and resources and perpetuates false hopes.
    Thailand Articles      
Bangkok Post logo Asia Times Online logo Strategic Review logo
"The Future of Thailand"
January 1977
On May 30, a Grave Truth Was Revealed
June 15, 2007
The Wheel of Life Turns at Rajprasong
May 18, 2010
A Culture of Ineducation
January 10, 2012
History Shows Way Out of Thai Conflict
January 13, 2014
Peering into Thailand's Future
April 1, 2014

Current project:
Pathologies of Public Decision-Making   
(and what to do about them)

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