Public Speaking Offerings by Jeffrey Race

Aging Slowly, Aging Well: What I Wish I Had Known
at the Age of Twelve
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Aging substantially more slowly than my peers, I researched the reasons for this striking fact and what conclusions follow for us and (if too late for us) then for those in our care. Anyone can execute this compendium of a life's proven experience--and see results! Some conclusions may surprise. Based in part on Cripples by Thirty? and Just a Scale and Tape Measure Away and on running many marathons starting at the age of 67.
Corporate Environment Analysis Seminar
Forbidden to be presented in Singapore!

For the newly assigned executive abroad, or for those seasoned with foreign experience who want to move to a deeper level of understanding of the factors, the networks, the loyalties and the resource flows which shape their corporate environment. Based on decades of work as a political risk consultant to financial institutions, manufacturing firms and oil companies, this seminar reveals the techniques used by academic, military and corporate professionals. You may think you are dancing with your partners and counterparts in a foreign land--too late you'll find out it's rugby. How to ask the right questions, how to read the press, how to expand your personal information network, how to survive in an environment (most of the world) where the Rule of Law is "The Big Animals Eat the Small."
How Not to Be a Policy-Making Blunderer
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Based on a lifetime of research and personal experience, beginning as the most junior lieutenant in Vietnam in 1965 and continuing into many other challenging commercial and military assignments (including writing a significant part of an important US National Security Decision Directive), this insightful presentation details both the wisdom and the processes which can save decision-makers and their staffs from the types of catastrophic outcomes which are now routine in both public and commercial life.

Presenting checklists and SOPs developed in the Pathology of Public Decision-Making study begun at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, this talk summarizes the reasoning, the rules and the resources presented in private briefings at West Point, the Marine Corps University, and to other official audiences.
How to Be Really Creative
in the Social Sciences

Public comments on War Comes to Long An
The secret sauce to the creativity which produces a classic book, selling decade after decade, on the most controversial event of its time. Expands on the condensed presentations in Writing Historical Classics for Dummies and the 50-page Interview with Jeffrey Race which targets mental innovativeness in the face of social complexity.

Sure to enlarge one's view of intellectual enterprise.
How to Make a Military Force from Nothing
Turchi, David and Goliath
Expanded from the presentations made in 2019 to the military leaderships of two enthic minorities in Burma, the Kachin and the Karen, in preparation for their plans to take on the Tatmadaw (Union of Burma Armed Forces), and based on sociological and behavioral conclusions from "How They Won" and War Comes to Long An, this participatory presentation explains over two days the practical realities in applying to new circumstances the secrets of how the Vietcong, starting from near extinction in 1955 and with few local resources and little external support, succeeded in defeating the world's greatest military power.

"How They Won" appeared in 1970, five years before the collapse of the American-supported government in South Vietnam. War Comes to Long An is a "military classic" on the US Army Chief of Staff's reading list for all officers, and listed by Amazon as one of the top ten works of military theory of all time.

Fighting 'Corruption' with What Really Works:
Lessons from Today and from History
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Summarizes a trilogy of studies to reveal the shocking truth about 'anti-corruption' programs. Explains the chronic persistence of widespread corruption in many countries despite nominal state commitment to the rule of law and extensive notionally remedial programs. Details what has actually worked, and why the current fad in anti-corruption programming (founded on the economist's calculating-machine view of man) fails and must continue to fail.

What to do to stop wasting time and money and perpetuating false hopes at the expense of the public purse.
What's Wrong with Student Life at Elite Colleges in America? Five Things Every Parent Must Consider needs AIT image
Based on four sets of personal experiences in American schools and extensive involvement with high schools (as Parents' Association chairman) and elite universities (Harvard and Princeton).
Alice in Thailand
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How do you deal effectively with corrupt or amoral civil and judicial officials of a foreign country? What special techniques are necessary in handling a legal opponent who suffers Antisocial Personality Disorder (psychopathic personality)? What do you do when your attorney is crippled in a blast on the courthouse steps and you yourself must suddenly cross-examine a hostile witness (a cabinet minister)? Based on 20 years of litigation experience in a highly corrupt environment, and forthcoming in book form as an entertaining and fully documented tell-all accounting. (For hints view public testimony in Washington DC and cautionary true stories.)

           ** This offering cannot be presented in Thailand **

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